Meet Our Team

Headshot photo of Dr. Sharon Freeman.

Dr. Sharon Freeman
Co-Principal Investigator  
Agriculture Career Readiness Certificate Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)
ACRS21 Project Manager
Animal Science and Agricultural Education Department 

Dr. Sharon Freeman’s grant responsibilities include, managing development of the ACRS21 Certificate Pathway guidelines (HS, CC, and University), 30 teaching modules, marketing plan, workshop development and presentation, research, and undergraduate/graduate student supervisor. Dr. Sharon Freeman will also be responsible for the creation of an Advisory Committee, serving as a liaison for local USDA agencies, soft skills assessment, and assisting in the program evaluation process.

Experience: Dr. Sharon (Sherri) Freeman joined the Fresno State animal sciences and agricultural education faculty at California State University, Fresno in August of 2019. She is excited to return home to her birth city and share her passion for agricultural education, continue her research, and create impactful student learning opportunities. Dr. Freeman has extensive experience teaching agricultural education at the high school level for 18 years, the community college level for 2 years, and at the university level for 5 years. She earned a doctoral degree in Agricultural Education with Texas A&M and Texas Tech Universities and her dissertation focused on analysis of soft skills development. She has conducted soft skill research at the high school, community college and university levels.

Education: BS - Cal Poly Pomona (Agricultural Business), MS - Cal Poly Pomona (Agricultural Science), EdD - Texas A&M/Texas Tech (Agricultural Education)

Personal: Dr. Freeman resides in the foothills above Fresno and enjoys riding horses, packing mules, and working cattle with family and friends. She has three children, a son-in-law, and two granddaughters that are the light of her life.

 Headshot photo of Imelda DudleyImelda S. Dudley 
Co-Principal Investigator 
Agriculture Career Readiness Certificate Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)
Coordinator of Internships and Professional Experiences
Jordan Advising and Career Development Center

As the Co-Principal Investigator for ACRS21, Imelda is responsible for developing the job shadowing, internship, and mentoring guidelines for all three educational levels, assisting with the creation of the ACRS21 Certificate Pathway, managing student certificate progress, and serving as the USDA student internship coordinator.

In addition to her work with ACRS21 Imelda is the Coordinator of Internships and Professional Experiences with the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Imelda meets with all students from the college. She assists with student professional development, resume review, searching for internships or jobs, coordinating recruitment events and overall student  career planning.

Experience: Prior to joining the Jordan College, Imelda worked as an Outreach Specialist with the Title V-HSI B Graduate Net Initiative at Fresno State. In that role she helped students transition into the universities master's and doctorate programs. She also served as the Student Success Counselor for the Title V-HSI program, Commitment to Latina/o Academic Success and Excellence (CLASE) at Fresno State. Through that position, she helped students in various ways including: academic advising, coordinating a mentoring program, coordinating a financial literacy program, and she taught a career development course. 

Education: Imelda is a two-time alumni of Fresno State. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a master's degree in Education- Higher Education Administration and Leadership. 

Personal: Imelda and her husband Ryan have a daughter, Lea, and a poodle named Coco. When not at work, they enjoy the outdoors, fitness, and watching movies.

Headshot photo of Jasmine FloresJasmine Flores
Agriculture Careers Readiness Certification Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Department

Jasmine is responsible for all correspondence for the ACRS21 team, as well as creating and publishing the certificate requirements. 

Experience: Jasmine was born and raised in Atwater, CA where she grew up to love the agriculture industry. Jasmine spent a year as a California State FFA Officer in 2017-2018 where she represented over 90,000 FFA students and traveled all over the state and nation. Jasmine has worked for places such as Merced County Farm Bureau, 5150, and the Ag One Foundation.

Education: Jasmine graduated from Atwater High School in the top 15 of her class and is currently working on her bachelors degree in Agricultural Communications. Jasmine is on track to graduate in May of 2022.

Personal: Jasmine has a large family and is the middle of five brothers and sisters. When she is not working or in school, Jasmine loves to read, spend time with loved ones, and FaceTime her friends from all over.  

Jocelyne JuarezHeadshot photo of Jocelyne Juarez 
Community College Liaison & The Wonderful Education Liaison
Agriculture Careers Readiness Certification Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Department 

As the community college liaison for ACRS21, Jocelyne is responsible for investigating how community colleges that offer agriculture programs assist in developing careers, personal, and soft skills for their students and how those activities align with Career Technical Education Standards. Through this, a college version of Agriculture Experience Tracker (AET) will be used to follow student progress. In addition, Jocelyne will be utilizing her previous work and education experiences and connections with Wonderful to guide the ACRS21 Certificate Pathway Program.

Experience: Jocelyne joined FFA and began learning about agriculture her freshman year of high school. She also enrolled in the Ag Prep Wonderful Program to become a dual enrollment student. After becoming involved in FFA all four years of high school, Jocelyne continued to stay involved in agriculture throughout college. She has served as a Multicultural Agricultural Ambassador, on the FFA Field Day Committee, and continued as a Wonderful Scholar. Jocelyne also got accepted to the Jordan Honors Program where she is conducting a research project to identify what experiential learning activities contribute the most to soft skill development at the community college level, which is directly tied to the ACRS21 certification.

Education: Jocelyne graduated from Bakersfield College with an Associates of Science in Agribusiness in May of 2019 and then from Wasco High School later that same month. She is in her third year at Fresno State where she will be graduating with a Bachelors in Agricultural Education in May of 2022. Jocelyne also plans to further her education and go to graduate school.

Personal: Jocelyne was raised in Wasco, California where her parents are educators. In
her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dogs. She also enjoys
watching crime documentaries, going to Dodger’s games, and crocheting.

Headshot of Stacy VanscoyStacy VanScoy
Agriculture Careers Readiness Certification Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Department 

Besides contributing to team meetings and discussions, Stacy’s individual responsibilities include gathering resources to develop training modules for educators. These modules align content standards with the ACRS21 pathway, and teach educators how to help students earn their certificates. 

Experience: Stacy discovered her passion for the agriculture industry as an FFA member in high school. As a Fresno State student, Stacy has deepened her knowledge of the agriculture industry through hands-on learning experiences. From working on the Fresno State Dairy, to serving as a Jordan College Multicultural Ambassador, and even being part of the state-wide Agricultural Ambassadors conference planning committee, she has seized every opportunity in the industry that has come her way.  

Education: Stacy is a Junior majoring in Agricultural Education with an Animal Science emphasis. She plans to further her education by earning a teaching credential from Fresno State, and eventually become an agricultural educator at the high school level. 

Personal: In her free time, Stacy enjoys watching true crime documentaries and spending time with loved ones. She loves dogs, coffee, and Taylor Swift. 

Headshot of Carlee ThomsonCarlee Thomson
Agriculture Careers Readiness Certification Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Department

Carlee's role on the ACRS21 grant is to work on counseling and career guidelines for colleges and universities, setting up internships with USDA, and helping students find internships within our program. 

Experience: She has been working for the Jordan College Advising and Career Development Center as a student assistant for a year and a half now where she helps with internships, social media posting, planning career fairs, and speaker panels with employers.

Education: Carlee is currently a Senior at Fresno State majoring in Agricultural Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. 

Personal: Carlee grew up in Turlock, California where she discovered her love for agriculture and animals. When she is not working, Carlee enjoys spending her free time out on the lake with friends and family or making dinner with her roommates. 

Headshot photo of Lisette SimentalLisette Simental 
Agriculture Careers Readiness Certification Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Department 

Her role with the ACRS21 project is to design and update the website and assist with the creation of marketing materials.

Experience: She has been working as a student assistant for the Jordan College Advising and Career Development Center, where she is the first point of contact for students. She helps with scheduling appointments and the day-to-day operations of the office. 

Personal:Lisette is a Senior majoring in Animal Science and grew up in Bakersfield, California. On her free time she enjoys going to the beach with her two Yorkies, Mia and Chloe, playing with her little sister and hanging out with friends.