Main Units and Facilities

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University Agricultural Laboratory

Students working on farm tractor

Opportunities abound to learn science, technology and management not just in the classroom, but by experience – on our 1,000-acre University Agricultural Laboratory located adjacent to the north edge of campus. The farm laboratory features 120 acres of wine, table and raisin grapes, with some varieties used for faculty and student-led research projects. Many students gain employment on the university farm as field technicians or as research assistants.

The farm also includes acreages of pistachios, olives used for producing Fresno State olive oil, several citrus varieties, as well as peaches, nectarines and other specialty crop tree fruits and nuts. The farm features a certified organic plot that is available for student-led research and production. Animal education and training units on the farm include the quarter horse unit, beef unit, swine unit, poultry unit, sheep unit, and commercial dairy. Plant science facilities include the floral lab and the horticultural unit. All of these facilities provide excellent opportunities for students to get out of the classroom and into the “field” to gain real-world workplace and career experience.


Gibson Farm Market

Working in Gibson Farmers Market

The Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Marketis a unique Fresno State enterprise offering food and horticulture products produced on the university’s own campus farm. Among the most popular market products are fresh summer sweet corn; Fresno State ice cream, cheese and milk; beef and pork products; almonds; grapes; and wine from the Fresno State Winery. The products have been either grown, packaged, and/or processed by Fresno State and its students. A $1.2 million donation made by benefactor Joyce Mae Gibson in 2011 enabled construction of the building, as well as improved equipment.


Agricultural Sciences Building

Students walking in front of Ag Sciences Building

The Agricultural Sciences Building is the administrative hub for the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. Located near the center of the Fresno State campus, it houses the dean’s office and staff; a dozen “smart classrooms” and teaching laboratories dedicated to agriculture and related disciplines; a central computer lab available to students; a large theater-style classroom for faculty, staff and student assemblies; a central open courtyard with garden areas and tables for students to meet and relax; and JCAST department and faculty offices.


Graduate Laboratory

Graduate Laboratory Student working

Located on the northeast edge of the main Fresno State campus, the Graduate Laboratory provides students, faculty, and staff with an array of sophisticated equipment along with technical support for both undergraduate and graduate-level education and research. Within the facility are several smaller labs: They include a main analytics lab for general laboratory work such as plant, soil and water analysis. Other units are a plant science lab for conducting plant tissue analysis; the animal science lab for research such as SEM sample preparation and special projects; a media preparation lab for preparing microbiological media and other chemical solutions; and a soils lab for assaying soil chemical components, moisture and other characteristics.


Ag One 

Ag One Congratulate Student Banner

Ag One is a key administrative unit serving Fresno State’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. It all began when, in 1979, several faculty, alumni and friends of the college had a million-dollar idea – to start a foundation that would benefit, promote and support the college and its programs. The supporters set out to raise $1 million in endowed scholarships. Today, the Ag One Foundation has raised more than $17 million in endowed funds.
 Over the years, donors, board members and volunteers have made it possible to award some 3,500 students with more than $2.5 million in scholarships and grants. Today Ag One annually provides approximately $500,000 to deserving students and programs. It is guided by an enthusiastic board of directors comprised of JCAST alumni and friends. Ag one offices are located on the northeast border of the Fresno State campus at Chestnut and Barstow avenues.


Ag Operations Facility

Ag Operations working on tractor

Fresno State’s Agricultural Operations facility is comprised of offices, machine shops and a large yard area where it stores, maintains, services and repairs all vehicles, equipment and machinery for the Fresno State campus. Located along the northern border of the campus, ¬the facility’s agriculture division alone maintains more than 300 trucks, tractors, loaders, spray rigs, trailers, attachments and equipment pieces of all kinds. The Farm Machinery Center includes the campus fuel station, providing fuel for the University fleet. The Agricultural Operations manager is responsible for day-to-day maintenance and operational support of the University Agricultural Laboratory (UAL), which includes the 1,000-acre campus farm and the 4,500-acre San Joaquin Experimental Range (SJER).