Agricultural Business
B.S., Minor

Agricultural Education
B.S. options: Agricultural Communications, Teacher Preparation

Agricultural Specialist Credential

Animal Sciences
B.S. options: Production Management, Science; Minor

Animal Science

Child Development
B.S. options: Child Development, Pre-Credential, Practitioner

Family and Consumer Sciences
B.A. emphases: Family Sciences, Fashion Merchandising, Home Economics Teacher Education;
M.S.*, Minor
*Admissions to the M.S. Family and Consumer Sciences are currently suspended while the program is being restructured.

B.S.; Certificate of Special Study in Enology

Fashion Merchandising
Minor; Certificate of Special Study in Fashion Merchandising

Food and Nutritional Sciences
B.S. options: Culinology, Dietetics and Food Administration, Food Science; M.S.; Minor

Certificate of Advanced Study in Dietetics (Dietetic Internship)

Industrial Technology
B.S. emphases: CAD/CAM Systems Management, Industrial Control Systems Management, Quality Systems Management, Transportation Systems Management, Networking Systems Management;
M.S.; Minor

Credential Waiver in Industry and Technology Teaching

Certificate in Networking Routing and Internetworking Technology

Plant Science
B.S. options: Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Health, General Plant Science; M.S.; Minor

B.S.; Certificate of Special Study in Sustainable Viticulture

Viticulture and Enology