Sorrowful Lamentation of Denis Mahony, The

DESCRIPTION: "Honest Denis Mahony that now lies in the clay ... his precious blood was freely spilt before the tithes he'd pay." Farmer Mahony is murdered. The Parishioners catch the murderer "and laid him on the ground" but "the tithes they paid without delay"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1830s (Zimmermann)
KEYWORDS: homicide farming Ireland political lament
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Zimmermann 38, "The Sorrowful Lamentation of Denis Mahony" (1 text)
cf. "The Battle of Carrickshock" (subject: The Tithe War) and references there
NOTES [109 words]: The complete title of Zimmermann's broadside is "The Sorrowful Lamentation of Denis Mahony, Who Lost His Life in the Parish of Inniscarra, in the County of Cork, on Account of the Tithes."
The context is "The Tithe War": O'Connell's Catholic Association was formed in 1823 to resist the requirement that Irish Catholics pay tithes to the Anglican Church of Ireland. The "war" was passive for most of the period 1823-1836, though there were violent incidents in 1831 (source: The Irish Tithe War 1831 at the site) - BS
See "The Battle of Carrickshock" for more about the Tithe War, and the cross-references there for more songs on the topic. - RBW
File: Zimm038

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