Owen Rooney's Lamentation

DESCRIPTION: Rooney of Innismore, Fermanagh near Lough Erne, joins a fight and stands with the Catholics. Six of the opponents fall. Rooney is taken prisoner, tried and convicted; "my wife and children it grieved ... To see me transported at the age of fifty-three"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: c.1830 (Zimmermann)
KEYWORDS: violence transportation trial death Ireland political lament
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Zimmermann 34, "Owen Rooney's Lamentation" (1 text)
cf. "The Battle That Was Fought in the North" (subject: "party fights")
cf. "The Lamentation of James O'Sullivan" (subject: "party fights")
cf. "The Noble Blue Ribbon Boys" (subject: Ulster quarrels)
NOTES [58 words]: Zimmermann: "This ballad is probably connected with the 'party fights' in County Fermanagh in July 1829." Zimmermann cites a report describing the "battle of Mackeen," July 13, 1829, following an Orange celebration of the Battle of the Boyne. "Several Orangemen were killed. A Rooney was among the nineteen Catholics deported after the trial." - BS
File: Zimm034

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