We Want None of Thee

DESCRIPTION: "Old Johnny Bull's over the ocean, Old Johnny Bull's over the sea; He wants to dictate to our people, But Johnny we want none of the. Ah, there! Stay there!...." Millionaires are "loading Mark Hanna with boodle" to elect William McKinley and support gold
AUTHOR: Words: Nellie Saunders
EARLIEST DATE: 1939 (Nevada Folklore pamphlet; probably written in 1896)
KEYWORDS: political nonballad derivative gold
1896 - William McKinley first elected President, over William Jennings Bryan, the supporter of "free silver." Mark Hanna was largely responsible for McKinley's election.
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Welsch, pp. 74-76, "We Want None of Thee" (1 text, tune referenced)
ADDITIONAL: Nebraska Folklore, Pamphlet Twenty, "More Farmers' Alliance Songs of the 1890's," Federal Writers' Project, 1939, p. 12, "We Want None of Thee" (1 text)

cf. "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean" (tune)
cf. "Free Silver" (subject of William Jennings Bryan and the 1896 election) and references there
NOTES [13 words]: For more on the issues of the 1896 presidential election, see "Free Silver." - RBW
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