We'll Meet You By and By

DESCRIPTION: "I have heard W. V. Allen preach And I've heard O. M. Kem tell, There ay be a plaxe like Paradise, but there's no such place as... Hallelujah; and we'll meet you by and by." Republicans, Democrats, English capitalists, Bryan are warned of coming elections
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1966 (Welsch)
KEYWORDS: political nonballad
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Welsch, pp. 68-70, "We'll Meet You By and By" (1 text)
NOTES [100 words]: W. V. Allen is William VIncent Allen (1847-1924). The Dictionary of American Biography calls him a Populist, from an Abolitionist family, who joined the Union army at the age of fifteen. He became a lawyer, married in 1870, and moved from Iowa to Madison, Nebrasks in 1884. He became a Populist in 1890, and was chosen a judge in the next year. He became a Senator in 1893, and was noteworthy for filibustering an attempt to repeal the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. He failed of re-election in 1899, but was appointed by the governor to serve until 1901. He had little role in politics thereafter. - RBW
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