Jim Hatfield's Boy

DESCRIPTION: "You're sending me for life, judge, For killing Bill McCoy, But maybe you don't know, Judge, that I'm Jim Hatfield's boy." The singer, unnamed, describes the history of the Hatfield/McCoy feud and his need for revenge
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1939 (Thomas)
KEYWORDS: feud death mother children revenge trial judge punishment
1880 - Beginning of the Hatfield/McCoy feud
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Thomas-Makin', pp. 13-16, (no title) (1 text, 1 tune)
Burt, p. 248, "(Jim Hatfield's Son)" (1 excerpt)

ST ThBdM013 (Partial)
cf. "The Death of Fan McCoy" (subject) and references there
NOTES [12 words]: For details on the Hatfield/McCoy feud, see "The Death of Fan McCoy." - RBW
File: ThBdM013

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