Death of Fan McCoy, The

DESCRIPTION: "On her death bed lay Fan McCoy, Her child standing near." She reminds her son, "The Hatfields got your pappy, Jed," and tells the history of the feud, bidding him carry it on. Judge and jury are urged not to treat him harshly because of his history
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1939 (Thomas)
KEYWORDS: feud death mother children revenge
1880 - Beginning of the Hatfield/McCoy feud
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Thomas-Makin', pp. 12-13, "The Death of Fan McCoy" (1 text)
Burt, p. 248, "(The Death of Fan McCoy)" (1 excerpt)

ST ThBdM012 (Partial)
cf. "Jim Hatfield's Boy" (subject)
NOTES [57 words]: The Hatfields of West Virginia were a clan mostly of Democrats and Confederate sympathizers; the McCoys, from just across the Kentucky line, were Unionist Republicans. Their feud began in 1880, and some have claimed that 200 people died in the eight years before Kentucky police suppressed the Hatfields and functionally ended the conflict. - RBW
File: ThBdM012

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