Old Noah Built an Ark

DESCRIPTION: "Good old Noah built an ark, To save the soul of man; A vessel built of gopher wood, By God, the father, planned. Noah preached for years and years To change their awful ways." The flood comes; Noah is saved; listeners are advised to turn to Jesus
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1939 (Thomas)
KEYWORDS: Bible ship flood Jesus religious
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Thomas-Makin', pp. 101-105, (no title) (1 text, 1 tune)
cf. "Old Uncle Noah" (subject) and references there
NOTES [90 words]: For background on the Noah story, see the notes to "Old Uncle Noah."
This song has enough points of contact with that that I suspect common ancestry. But that song is humorous and this so brutally "straight" that I can't see any option but to split them.
Incidentally, "gopher wood" is not a reference to the small mammal. We don't know what sort of wood it is; the word occurs only in Genesis 6:14, and no cognates are known in related languages. So translations tend to just transliterate the word rather than guess at a translation. - RBW
File: ThBa101

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