Smeara, Na (The Blackberries)

DESCRIPTION: Singer, "with a wish for every woman": loved "a dark-eyed damsel" while "herding horny cows"; was engaged to Peg O'Doherty who "vanished with a vagabond"; hit on a widow who "nearly scalded me." He loves a girl among the blackberries at harvest time.
AUTHOR: J.P. Craig [in Gaelic] (source: Tunney-WhereSongsDoThunder)
EARLIEST DATE: 1948 (Tunney-WhereSongsDoThunder)
KEYWORDS: courting seduction sex humorous nonballad rake harvest food
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Tunney-WhereSongsDoThunder, pp. 9-11, "The Blackberries" (1 text)
File: TST009

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