Mhaighdean Mara, An (The Mermaid)

DESCRIPTION: Irish Gaelic. Blond Mary Chinidh, whose mother is a mermaid, swims Lake Erne forever. She loves blond sailor Patrick.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1951 (recording, Kitty Gallagher)
KEYWORDS: foreignlanguage love nonballad supernatural family mother mermaid/man
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Tunney-StoneFiddle, p. 58, "An Mhaighdean Mara" (1 text)
Kitty Gallagher, "An Mhaighdean Mhara (The Mermaid Song)" [fragment] (on Lomax42, LomaxCD1742)
NOTES [67 words]: The description follows the translation for "An Mhaighdean Mara" at Clannad on Celtic Lyrics Corner site. - BS
Paul Stamler gives this description of Kitty Gallagher's version, which is however a translation of an excerpt of a fragment: "The singer, Mary Heeney, having swum the Erne, speaks to her girl Maire and (husband?) Patrick. Maire then speaks, saying that her mother was a mermaid." - PHS, (RBW)
File: TSF058

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