True American, The

DESCRIPTION: Vote for Pierce and King for President and Vice President and defeat Winfield Scott
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1856 (Thompson-Pioneer)
LONG DESCRIPTION: Winfield Scott is criticized for first opposing the vote for naturalized citizens -- to gain votes -- and then supporting that vote to gain the Irish vote. "[W]e'll make the blue dome ring With shouts of joy and victory for gallant Pierce and King. Then to the breeze we'll fling The flag of Pierce and King"
KEYWORDS: nonballad political
1852 - Presidential campaign. Franklin Pierce and William Rufus Devane King Democratic candidates for president and vice-president. The Whig candidates were Winfield Scott and William Alexander Graham. Pierce wins with 51% of the popular vote (to 44% for Scott and 5% for the Free Soil candidate) and 254 electoral votes to 42 for Scott. It is the last election in which the Whig party is a significant factor; in 1856, they will be replaced by the Republicans.
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Thompson-Pioneer 62, "The True American" (1 text)
Roud #2833
File: TPS062

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