Song for the Campaign, A

DESCRIPTION: "Whigs change every year And in new dresses do appear." but Pierce and King and the Democrats will put "Whiggery" to flight and win as Polk did in forty four.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1856 (Thompson-Pioneer)
KEYWORDS: nonballad political
1844 - Presidential campaign. James K. Polk elected President.
1848 - Presidential campaign. Mexican War hero Zachary Taylor elected President -- the last Whig president. The party will lose in 1852 and will be a non-factor by 1856, replaced by the Republicans
1852 - Presidential campaign. Franklin Pierce and William Rufus Devane King Democratic candidates for president and vice-president. The Whig candidates were Winfield Scott and William Alexander Graham. Pierce wins with 51% of the popular vote (to 44% for Scott and 5% for the Free Soil candidate) and 254 electoral votes to 42 for Scott.
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Thompson-Pioneer 61, "A Song for the Campaign" (1 text)
Roud #2832
cf. "Old Dan Tucker" (tune)
File: TPS061

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