Old England Forty Years Ago

DESCRIPTION: England never accepted our independence forty years ago. Now Madison leads us against England again. Fighters and battles of the new war are named. "We've checked the rage of British pride"
AUTHOR: Words: Silas Ballou (source: Flanders-NewGreen)
EARLIEST DATE: 1856 (Thompson-Pioneer)
KEYWORDS: war commerce America England moniker nonballad patriotic
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Thompson-Pioneer 48, "Old England Forty Years Ago" (1 text)
Flanders-NewGreen, pp. 22-25, "Old England Forty Years Ago" (1 text, 1 tune)

Roud #2824
NOTES [153 words]: The organization of this song is interesting. After praising James Madison (president 1809-1817, but generally regarded as a poor wartime leader), it lists naval heroes -- (Stephen) Decatur, Isaac Hull (for whom see "The Constitution and the Guerriere" [Laws A6], (William) Bainbridge (hardly a great hero; see the notes to "Charge the Can Cheerily"), Perry (Oliver Hazard Perry, for whom see "James Bird" [Laws A5]), Mcdonough (Thomas Macdonough, for whom see "The Siege of Plattsburg").
Then the song quickly gets William Hull, who gave up Detroit, out of the way (for this see "Brave General Brock" [Laws A22]) and starts in on successful army commanders: Harrison (for William Henry Harrison's full career, see "Old Tippecanoe"); Miller, Ripley, Gaines, Scott, and Brown (most of whom served at Lundy's Lane; see the notes to "The Battle of Bridgewater"); and Jackson (see "The Battle of New Orleans" [Laws A7]). - RBW
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