Speckles (Freckles)

DESCRIPTION: "He was little 'en peaked 'en thin 'an Narr't a no 'account horse" (sic). The singer describes meeting (Freckles) many years ago, and being surprised by the gameness of this "no account" horse (which managed to rescue him from a party of Indians)
AUTHOR: N. Howard Thorp
KEYWORDS: horse cowboy Indians(Am.)
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Thorp/Fife XXIII, pp. 254-257 (48-50), "Speckles" (2 texts, the second being an extension of the first)
Roud #8044
NOTES [30 words]: Another Thorp composition that had little play in tradition. Even so, it has a variant reading; the author couldn't decide whether the horse was named "Speckles" or "Freckles"! - RBW
File: TF23

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