Four and Four are Twenty-Four

DESCRIPTION: "Four and four are twenty-four, Kick the teacher out the door, If she squeals, bring her in, Hang her on a safety pin"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1972 (Sutton-Smith-NZ-GamesOfNewZealandChilden/FolkgamesOfChildren)
KEYWORDS: playparty
FOUND IN: New Zealand
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Sutton-Smith-NZ-GamesOfNewZealandChilden/FolkgamesOfChildren, pp. 63-64, "(Four and four are twenty-four)" (1 short text)
NOTES [35 words]: My very strong suspicion is that the original text of this began "Four and four are FORTY-four," but I can't prove it, so I'm using the number in Sutton-Smith-NZ-GamesOfNewZealandChilden/FolkgamesOfChildren. - RBW
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File: SuSm063F

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