Alarmed Skipper, The (The Nantucket Skipper)

DESCRIPTION: Claims that Nantucket skippers were able to tell where their ships are by tasting the sounding lead. A sailor plays a trick by running the lead through a box of parsnips; the skipper thinks that Nantucket has sunk and they're sailing over a garden.
AUTHOR: James Thomas Fields
EARLIEST DATE: 1845 (_Scientific American_)
KEYWORDS: talltale ship trick gardening humorous
REFERENCES (4 citations):
Harlow, pp. 192-194, "The Nantucket Skipper" (1 text)
Shay-SeaSongs, pp. 198-199, "The Nantucket Skipper" (1 text)
Huntington-Gam, pp. 151-152, "Marm Haucket's Garden (The Nantucket Skipper)" (1 text, 2 tunes)
ADDITIONAL: Scientific American, volume 1, number 4 (1845), "The Ballad of the Alarmed Skipper" (1 text)

Roud #9172
The Ballad of the Alarmed Skipper
NOTES [44 words]: Definitely not a folk song; it's included in a couple of song collections as a gag. But it is a popular poem; Granger's Index to Poetry lists the piece in three anthologies apart from Shay, and I have seen it in at least two other books besides those four. - RBW
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