Lark in the Morning, The

DESCRIPTION: (Singer) meets young girl who praises plowboys. The singer meets a plowboy. He takes her "to the fair." The rest of their relationship is couched in equally allegorical terms.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1834 (Cunningham)
KEYWORDS: lyric nonballad farming courting seduction
FOUND IN: Britain(England(North,South),Scotland(Aber)) Ireland US(So)
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The Pretty Plowboy
NOTES [190 words]: The narrative thread is so fragmentary that I've classed this as a lyric song, not a ballad. -PJS
There is a ballad back there, though, as Kennedy's version shows; under all the symbolism is a story of seduction. The title apparently came about because larks are among the first birds to start singing in the morning. - RBW
Cunningham (1834): "The second verse of ["To a Mountain Daisy", specifically, "Alas! It's no thy neebor sweet, The bonnie lark ...."] reminds me of a stanza of an old north country song, a favourite once with the peasantry, who loved it for its truth as well as beauty -- 'The lark in the morning Arises from her nest ....'"
Re Paddy Tunney's "The Lark in the Morning" (on Voice05): the first verse is a fragment of "The Lark in the Morning"; the second is a fragment of "Roger the Ploughboy."
Kennedy 140 is supposedly the Lucy Stewart text, of which the FSBFTX13 recording has only the first verse. Kennedy refers to the Jim O'Neill text on p. 333 as one he and Sean O'Boyle recorded in 1952. Since O'Neill sings Kennedy's second and third verse (and another not in Kennedy), the Kennedy text may be a composite. - BS
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