I Went to My Sweetheart's House

DESCRIPTION: Stanzas of the form "I went to my sweetheart's house, I never was thar before, They sot me in the corner as still as a mouse, An' I ain't gwine thar no mo', mo', mo, An' I ain't gwine that no mo', my love, An' I ain't gwine that no mo'." Verses float
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1925 (Scarborough)
KEYWORDS: floatingverses home animal courting
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Scarborough-OnTheTrailOfNegroFolkSongs, pp. 166-167, "I Went to My Sweetheart's House" (1 text)
ST ScaNF166 (Partial)
cf. "Raccoon" (floating lyrics)
NOTES [32 words]: I thought seriously about filing this with "Raccoon"; they have that many stanzas in common. But some have floated in from other places, and the form is different, so I'm separating them. - RBW
File: ScaNF166

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