Welcome Table (Streets of Glory, God's Going to Set This World on Fire)

DESCRIPTION: "God's going to set this world on fire... One o' these days." "I'm going to walk and talk with Jesus... "I'm going to climb up Jacob's ladder." "All you sinners gonna turn up missing." "God don't want no coward soldiers... Some of these days."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1922 (recording, Florida Normal Quartet)
KEYWORDS: religious nonballad floatingverses rejection death resurrection gods Jesus
FOUND IN: US(SE,So) Canada(Mar)
REFERENCES (9 citations):
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cf. "When I'm Gone (I)" (floating verses)
cf. "My Little Soul's Going to Shine" (floating verses)
cf. "I'm Going to Ride in Pharaoh's Chariot" (form)
I'm Gonna Sit at the Freedom Table (civil rights movement song)
I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table (RECORDING: Hollis Watkins, on SingFreeCD)
I'm Gonna Tell God How You Treat Me
NOTES: This song carries several titles; I chose the one by which it's most commonly known among revival singers. While the song seems to have originated in African-American tradition, it has spread to Anglo singers as well. - PJS
Reported by Sandburg to be the favorite verse of the IWW, but evidently not of their composition.
I had originally split this song up under several titles, because the versions don't really relate much (Sandburg's and that in the Digital Tradition, for instance, appear to have no words in common whatsoever). But Paul Stamler thinks they're the same, and certainly there is continuous variation, so here they lump. - RBW
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