Poor Kitty Popcorn

DESCRIPTION: The story of a "loyal cat...." She spends much of the war following her soldier boy. (After) the war her master dies and we see "Poor Kitty Popcorn, buried in a snowdrift now; Nevermore we'll hear the music of her charming song, Me-owww."
AUTHOR: Henry Clay Work
EARLIEST DATE: 1866 (sheet music copyright by Root & Cady and published by S. Brainard's Sons)
KEYWORDS: animal death Civilwar
REFERENCES (3 citations):
WorkSongs, pp. 155-159, "Poor Kitty Popcorn, or the Soldier's Pet" (1 text, 1 tune, a copy of the original sheet music)
Sandburg, p. 431, "Poor Kitty Popcorn" (1 fragment)

NOTES [24 words]: Gag. - PJS
Well -- there are a zillion dog songs on this sort of theme. I suppose the cats deserve their chance to be disgustingly saccharine. - RBW
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