Lonesome Road

DESCRIPTION: "Look down (x2) that lonesome road, Hang down your head and sigh. The best of friends must part some day, And why not you and I? (x2)." "I wish to God that I had died... Before I had seen your smilin' face." Singer may be in prison, having ignored mother
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: c. 1923 (AbbotSwan)
KEYWORDS: courting betrayal lie floatingverses lyric prison loneliness lover
REFERENCES (11 citations):
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Roud #824
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cf. "More Pretty Girls than One" (tune)
cf. "Lonesome Stream"
cf. "Old Alec Brown" (lyrics)
cf. "In the Pines" (lyrics)
NOTES [19 words]: Not to be confused with the (non-traditional) blues by Will Nash, "Goin' Down that Long Long Lonesome Road." - RBW
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