Cielito Lindo

DESCRIPTION: Spanish: "Ese lunar que tienes, cielito lindo." Chorus: "Ay ay ay ay, canta y no llores, Porque cantando se allegran, cielito lindo, los corazones." The singer tells the girl of his love and how Cupid's arrow struck his heart
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: love courting Mexico foreignlanguage
FOUND IN: Mexico
REFERENCES (5 citations):
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Pete Seeger, "Cielito Lindo" (on PeteSeeger17)
cf "I-Yi-Yi-Yi (Limericks)" (tune)
cf. "The Gay Caballero" (tune)
cf. "Sweet Violets" (tune)
NOTES [46 words]: Fuld reports that Otto Mayer-Serro believes Quiruno Mendoza y Cortez wrote this song; Mendoza was granted copyright in Mexico in 1929. However, the earliest known printing (from 1919) lists no author, and Grove's Dictionary says the song was popular in Mexico before 1840. - RBW
File: San298

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