I Am the True Vine

DESCRIPTION: "I am the true vine (x3), My father is the husbandman." "I am in him and he's in me, My father is the husbandman, Every day he comforts me." "I know my Lord has set me free." "Look over yonder in the harvest field." "I know my Lord is kind and true."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1940 (Work)
KEYWORDS: religious nonballad farming floatingverses
REFERENCES (1 citation):
ADDITIONAL: _Sing Out_ magazine, Volume 23, #2 (1974), p, 22, "Lord, I'm the True Vine" (1 text, 1 tune, from Eddie Head)
Roud #12222
NOTES [80 words]: The Sing Out! and Work versions of this have hardly a word in common, except the chorus, but the pattern is so distinctive that I have no doubt they should be lumped. The mention of Jesus as the true vine and the Father as tender comes from John 15:1. (I note that, contrary to what some translations imply, the words for the vine itself and the farmer are not related; "vine" is Greek αμπελος, "ampelos"; the word used to describe the father is γεωργος, "georgos," "farmer.") - RBW
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