Adam Catched Eve

DESCRIPTION: "Adam catched Eve by the fur below (x2), And that's the oldest catch I know (x3), Oh ho! did he so, did he so, did he so, did he so, did he so, did he so?"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1926 (Scott)
KEYWORDS: nonballad bawdy wordplay
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Scott-EnglishSB, pp. 22-23, "Adam Catched Eve" (1 text, 1 tune)
ADDITIONOAL: Reginald Nettel, _Seven Centuries of Popular Song_, Phoenix House, 1956, p. 76, "(no title)" (1 text)

NOTES [109 words]: This is a (probably composed) "catch," and has not been found in tradition that I know of, but it has been recorded by several "folk" performers, so I decided to include it. The earliest printed texts read "furbelow" instead of "fur below," but this is clearly a bowdlerization
Nettel, pp. 76-77, notes that the use of the word "catch" is also used on a complex way: When Adam "catched" Ever, does this mean that he "caught" her or "sang a catch" to her? That would make it the oldest catch (an endless canon or round) that could exist. So even though there are only two lines here, they contain at least two and perhaps three instances of wordplay. - RBW
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