Day ob LIberty's Comin', De

DESCRIPTION: "Darkies don't you see de light, De day ob liberty's comin', comin'...." The "darkies" sing; the Lord says "Now let my people go." The slaves had worried that the Union troops would never arrive, but they will come soon and free the slaves
AUTHOR: George F. Root (writing as "Wurzel")
EARLIEST DATE: 1862 (sheet music published by Root & Cady, according to Silber-SongsOfTheCivilWar)
KEYWORDS: slavery Civilwar freedom
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Silber-SongsOfTheCivilWar, pp. 322-324, "De Day ob Liberty's Comin'" (1 text, 1 tune)
NOTES [28 words]: George F. Root sometimes used the pseudonym "Wurzel" because "Wurzel" is German for "Root"; for background on this, see the notes to "Rosalie the Prairie Flower." - RBW
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