Shanahan's Ould Shebeen (The Mornin's Mornin')

DESCRIPTION: "This is the tale that Cassidy told, In his halls a-sheen with purple and gold"; he has become rich, and has the best, or at least most expensive, of everything. But still he wishes "For the taste o' a morning's mornin' in Shanahan's ould shebeen!"
AUTHOR: Probably Gerald Brennan (see NOTES)
EARLIEST DATE: 1907 (Journal of the Switchmen's Union abd the Plumbers's Trade Journal)
KEYWORDS: money drink
REFERENCES (4 citations):
ADDITIONAL: (no author listed), _The Mixer and Server_ (Journal of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees International Alliance and the Bartenders' Internation League), Volume XXI, Number 1, Cincinnati, January, 1912 (available on Google Books), p. 51, "The Mornin's Mornin' (1 text)
(no author listed), _Journal of the Switchmen's Union of North America_ volume X, Number 1, November 1907 (available on Google Books), p. 151, "The Mornin's Mornin'" (1 text)
(no author listed), _The Plumber's Trade Journal_ July 1, 1907 edition (available on Google Books), p. 2, "The Mornin's Mornin'" (1 text)
Hazel Felleman, Best Loved Poems of the American People, pp. 250-252, "The Mornin's Mornin'" (1 text)

Roud #9605
NOTES [77 words]: There is dispute about the author of this. The Mixer and Server, which doesn't strike me as very reliable, credits Thomas Burke, Springfield, Ill., "in U. M. W. Journal." Felleman, whom I know to be unreliable, lists Gerald Brennan; so does the Journal of the Switchmen's Union and The Plumber's Trade Journal, as well as Shay-Barroom. So that is probably the correct attribution. Whether it is a song, as opposed to a poem, is altogether another matter. - RBW
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