Sealer's Strike of 1902, The (The Sealers Gained the Strike)

DESCRIPTION: "Attention, all ye fishermen, and read this ballad down, And hear about the sealer's strike the other day in town." The sealers, led by "brave Colloway," unite and present their demands. A. B. Morine secures their demands
AUTHOR: probably Johnny Burke
EARLIEST DATE: 1925 (Murphy, Songs Sung by the Old Time Sealers of Many Years Ago)
KEYWORDS: ship hunting strike labor-movement
Mar 8, 1902 - Beginning of the Sealer's Strike
Mar 12, 1902 - Sealers' demands granted
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Ryan/Small, p. 64, "The Sealer's Strike of 1902"; p. 63, "The Sealers Gained the Strike" (2 texts); also p. 66, "The Luck Went With the Sealers Since Brave Colloway Led the Strike" (1 text, a sequel to the above)
NOTES: Although all sources for this are printed and literary, the divergences between the two texts in Ryan and Small may imply oral transmission. Murphy seemingly was unaware of the attribution to Burke. - RBW
File: RySm064

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