Sea Gulls and Crickets

DESCRIPTION: Famine threatens Mormon pioneers in the winter of 1849; spring brings new shoots, but crickets sweep down "like fog on a British coast." The pioneers battle them in vain, but flocks of seagulls arrive and devour the crickets; the harvest is saved
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1952 (recording, L. M. Hilton)
KEYWORDS: rescue farming harvest disaster animal bird bug pioneer settler
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Richard M. Dorson, _Buying the Wind: Regional Folklore in the United States_, University of Chicago Press, 1964, pp. 527-530, "The Seagulls and the Crickets" (1 text)
Roud #10833
L. M. Hilton, "Sea Gulls and Crickets" (on Hilton01)
NOTES [32 words]: Dorson includes an account of this supposedly-historical event. But he also notes that "Extraordinary swarms of birds" is a folklore motif common enough to earn the Thompson classificatin F989.16.
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