Way Out There

DESCRIPTION: Singer, a hobo, jumps off a freight train, makes camp, falls asleep, dreaming "the desert sand was a milk and honey land." He awakens to the sound of a returning train; he catches it on the fly. Refrain: "It gets lonesome way out there" or similar
AUTHOR: Bob Nolan
EARLIEST DATE: 1934 (recording, Sons of the Pioneers)
KEYWORDS: homesickness loneliness rambling train travel dream hobo
Bill Boyd & his Cowboy Ramblers "'Way Out There" (Bluebird [US, Canada] B-6670, 1936; Montgomery Ward M-7193, 1937)
Homer & Walter Callahan, "Away Out There" (ARC 7-05-59/Conqueror 8854, 1936)
Hall Brothers, "'Way Out There" (Bluebird B-6843, 1937)
Riley Puckett, "'Way Out There" (Bluebird B-8354, 1940)
Sons of the Pioneers, "Way Out There" (Decca 5013, 1934)

File: RcWOT

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