When I Die (I)

DESCRIPTION: Because the singer has found salvation, "When I die, I'll live again." He's made confession and will transgress no more. Ch: "When I die I'll live again/Hallelujah, I'll live again/Because I'm forgiven, my soul will find heaven/When I die I'll live again"
AUTHOR: James Rowe & Ernest Rippetoe
EARLIEST DATE: 1935 (Stamps-Baxter book, "Harbor Bells #4")
KEYWORDS: resurrection death nonballad religious
Rev. Gary Davis, "When I Die I'll Live Again" (on GaryDavis02)
Watson Family, "When I Die" (on Watson01)

When I Die I'll Live Again
NOTES [74 words]: D. K. Wilgus, in his comments on Watson01, notes (speaking of this song and "The Lost Soul"): "The Watson family apparently sang these songs directly from a song book, but I have been unable to locate them in any source available to me, despite the conviction that I have met them before." Almost certainly he was remembering Davis's skeletal version, released the year before the Watson recordings were made, or the Stamps-Baxter hymnal. - PJS

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