What is Home Without Love?

DESCRIPTION: A lonely rich man, passing a cottage window, sees a happy husband, wife, and baby. He weeps, "What is a home without baby To kiss, to tease and adore...." Alone in a mansion, with the wife who married him for his money, he repeats his lament
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1927 (recordings, Roy Harvey)
KEYWORDS: loneliness marriage baby children family husband wife
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Reoording: Howard Dixon & Frank Gerald (The Rambling Duet) "Woman's Answer to 'What Is Home Without Love'" (Bluebird B-7450, 1938)
NOTES [60 words]: Again, Cansler implies that this is in Randolph or Belden, but we don't seem to have indexed it, or I haven't found it. - PJS
It's not in Randolph, at least, and if it's in Belden, it's under an odd title and uses an unusual first stanza. When I indexed Rorrer, I initially omitted the song because I couldn't believe such a piece of slop was traditional. - RBW

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