Lost Soul, The

DESCRIPTION: Singer says sinners at judgment will hear their fate and say, "I'm paying now the penalty/That the unredeemed must ever pay... For alas I'm doomed." The sinner will say that if he could go back, he'd fight for his Saviour's cause, but he can't
AUTHOR: L. V. Jones
EARLIEST DATE: 1916 ("Glad News")
KEYWORDS: sin death religious nonballad
Watson family, "The Lost Soul" (on Watson01)
cf. "Wicked Polly" [Laws H6] (theme)
The Lost Soul's Lament
NOTES [55 words]: D. K. Wilgus, in his comments on Watson01, notes (speaking of this song and "When I Die"): "The Watson family apparently sang these songs directly from a song book, but I have been unable to locate them in any source available to me, despite the conviction that I have met them before." He may have been remembering "Glad News." - PJS
File: RcTLoSou

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