Child in the Budget, The

DESCRIPTION: Tinkers, out drinking, exhaust their funds. One puts his baby in his tool bag and pawns the bag. When the baby cries the pawnbroker laughs at being outwitted, finds the tinker, and gives him a pound to take back the toolbag and contents.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: before 1886 (broadside, Bodleian Firth b.26(340))
KEYWORDS: trick drink humorous baby tinker money
FOUND IN: Ireland
Roud #2993
Martin Long, "The Child in the Budget" (on IRClare01)
Bodleian, Firth b.26(340), "The Tinker and His Budget ("Come all you good people attend for awhile"), H. Such (London), 1863-1885; also Firth b.27(85), "The Tinkers Budget" or "Pawnbroker Outwitted"
cf. "The Basket of Eggs" (baby in the basket motif)
cf. "Quare Bungo Rye" (baby in the basket motif)
NOTES [13 words]: Notes to IRClare01: "A budget is a bag or knapsack used for carrying tools." - BS
File: RcTCitB

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