Cailin Deas, The

DESCRIPTION: At Clontarf the singer meets a "charming cailin deas." He asks her name and father's dwelling place. She is Brian the Brave's daughter and loves to visits where her father "slew the Dane." The singer would give "all England's wealth" to see her again.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1977 (recording, Siney Crotty on Topic TSDL369)
KEYWORDS: love beauty Ireland patriotic
976 - Brian Boru becomes King of Clare from 976
1014 - Brian Boru dies in battle against the Vikings at Clontarf
FOUND IN: Ireland
Roud #3074
Ollie Conway, "The Cailin Deas" (on IROConway01)
cf. "Eileen McMahon" (theme; also the aisling format and references there)
cf. "Granuaille" (theme; also the aisling format and references there)
cf. "Erin's Green Shore" (theme; also the aisling format)
NOTES [36 words]: This song is patterned on the "aisling." For more on aislings see the notes to "Eileen McMahon."
Conway learned the song from Siney Crotty (see Topic TSDL369, "The Lambs on the Green Hills," recorded in 1976/1977. - BS
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File: RcTCaiDe

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