Soldier of the Jubilee

DESCRIPTION: Leader: "I'm a noble soldier (Too young to marry)." Response: "Soldier of the Jubilee." Leader: "I'm gettin' old and crippled in my knee." Response: "Soldier of the Cross"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1983 (McIntosh1)
KEYWORDS: nonballad worksong
James Cook, "Soldier of the Jubilee" (on McIntosh1)
NOTES [71 words]: Art Rosenbaum's liner notes to McIntosh1: "This is ... a work song, or shanty, that James Cook used early in the century when he worked as a stevedore in the port of Darien, stowing pine timbers that had been rafted down the Altahama River ...." (p. 5).
While not a religious song one of the responses is from hymns like "A Soldier of the Cross." The Jubilee reference to Emancipation is also a familiar theme in Black hymns. - BS
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