Service of the Lord

DESCRIPTION: Every second and fourth line in verse and chorus is "I am bound to die in the army." Chorus: "I am bound to live in the service of my Lord (x2).""My Savior smiles and bids me come." "Sweet angels beckon me away"
AUTHOR: E. J. King (source: Original Sacred Harp)
EARLIEST DATE: 1844 (according to Original Sacred Harp)
KEYWORDS: death nonballad religious Jesus
REFERENCES (1 citation):
ADDITIONAL: Benjamin Franklin White, E.J.King, et al., Original Sacred Harp (Atlanta, 1911 ("Digitized by Google") [correction and enlargement of 1869 edition copyright J.S. James], p. 80, "Service of the Lord" ("Farewell vain world I'm going home; I'm bound to die in the army") (1 text, 1 tune)
Southeast Alabama and Florida Union Sacred Harp Singing Convention, "Service of the Lord" (on USFlorida01)
File: RcSerotL

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