Sacramento Gals

DESCRIPTION: Singer praises the beauty and elegance of Sacramento gals, with their bustles, hoops, and powdered, painted faces. Refrains: "Nipping around, around, around"; "As they go nipping around"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1858 (Put's Golden Songster)
KEYWORDS: beauty clothes nonballad
Logan English, "Sacramento Gals" (on LEnglish02)
cf. "Bobbing Around" (tune)
NOTES [56 words]: Among the verses cited, "They're here and there, like Santa Anna/They're fresh and mellow like ripe banana" stands out as an exemplar of how tastes in compliments have changed. I believe Walt Kelly parodied that at one point -- "Your eyes are warm as sweet manana/Soft and gooey like fried banana." Not a verse I'm likely to forget - PJS
File: RcSacrGa

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