She's a Fool, She Ain't Got No Sense

DESCRIPTION: Every couplet is followed by "You's/he's/she's a fool, You/he/she ain't got no sense." Some couplets rhyme on color like "See that woman all dressed in red Going with a man will kill you dead" (see notes)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1930 (recording, Ed Bell)
KEYWORDS: courting colors nonballad
Ed Bell, "She's a Fool Gal" (Columbia 14595-D, 1930)
Emmett Murray, "She's a Fool, She Ain't Got No Sense" (on USFlorida01)

NOTES [74 words]: Couplets on color include "You may think because you're black I'm going to beg you to take me back"; "You may think cause I look green I never been down in New Orleans"; "See that woman all dressed in white Bet you five dollars she won't treat you right." Other verses include "Any time I go to town Meet my gal hanging 'round" and "I went down the smoky road Like to brought me back on a cooling board. I'm a fool but I ain't going no more." - BS
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