Out on the Lone Star Cow Trail

DESCRIPTION: Singer, a cowboy, meets a comrade and kills him although "he was dear to me." The judge sends him to prison. He asks listener to tell mother and sweetheart that he's in the "dark city jail"; his sweeheart should bail him out. Chorus: "Hoo-hoo-hooo-oo-oo"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1929 (recording, Dick Devall)
KEYWORDS: captivity violence crime homicide prison punishment trial friend lover cowboy judge
Dick Devall, "Out on the Lone Star Cow Trail" (Timely Tunes [Victor subsidiary] C-1563, 1931; rec. 1929; on MakeMe, WhenIWas1)
NOTES [9 words]: This should not be confused with "Lone Star Trail." - PJS
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File: RcOotLSC

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