Old Married Couple

DESCRIPTION: An old married couple think back to their marriage day "but now they're aged and feeble." When she dies he buries her and sits by the fireside remembering. "You gave me your love You took my name For forty years of married life"
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: age love marriage wedding burial death
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf) Britain(Scotland(Aber))
Roud #15747
Daisy Chapman, "You Gave Me Your True Love (The Old Aged Couple)" (on SCDChapman01) [Recorded 1970]
Cyril O'Brien, "An Old Fashioned Couple" (on MUNFLA/Leach)
Mrs. John Powers, "Old Married Couple" (on MUNFLA/Leach)

File: RcOlMaCo

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