Old Jimmy Sutton

DESCRIPTION: Bill took the gun, Bill went a-huntin'/Bang went the gun, down went the mutton, baa!" and similar verses about an inept farmer. Cho: "Can't dance that, can't dance nothin'/I wouldn't give a blank for the old Jimmy Sutton, baa!"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1928 (recording, Grayson & Whitter)
KEYWORDS: hunting dancing food dancetune animal horse sheep farming
Roud #7878
Blue Ridge Buddies w. E. C. & Orna Ball, "Jimmie Sutton" (onCloseHomeMS)
[G. B.] Grayson & [Henry] Whitter, "Old Jimmy Sutton" (Gennett 6436, 1928, on GraysonWhitter01)
Vester Jones, "The Old Jimmy Sutton" (on GraysonCarroll1)
Glenn Smith, "Old Jimmy Sutton" [instrumental] (GraysonCarroll1)

NOTES [33 words]: Just enough plot to avoid the nonballad keyword by a whisker. - PJS
BrownSchinhanV 777 is "Jimmie Suttonton," a tune imperfectly transcribed and with no words. I've no idea if they are the same. - RBW
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File: RcOJiSu

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