DESCRIPTION: Chorus "He cried 'Noah Noah'; God's gonna ride 'n the rain and tide." God called Noah: "build an ark ... I want it to stand that rain and tide." Noah built it, "called in the animals two by two" and his sons. God "declared that this time would be no more"
AUTHOR: Willie Johnson (source: Matthew Barton, liner notes to LomaxCD1708)
EARLIEST DATE: 1938 (recording, Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet)
KEYWORDS: Bible religious
Roud #17304
Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, "Noah" (Bluebird B7962, 1938); as Golden Gate Quartet, "Noah" (Library of Congress AFC 1942/011 AFS 06093, 1940) accessed at November 25, 2016.
Peerless Four, "Noah" (on LomaxCD1708)

cf. "Didn't It Rain" (subject, patter+chorus format) and references there
File: RcNoahGG

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