Moving-On Song

DESCRIPTION: "Born in the middle of the afternoon In a horse-drawn wagon on the old A5." Wherever travelers stop, they are ordered away -- they lower the price of property, they have no work. "You'd better get born in someplace else, so move along, get along, SHIFT!"
AUTHOR: Ewan MacColl
EARLIEST DATE: c. 1961 (radio ballad, "The Traveling People")
KEYWORDS: Gypsy travel childbirth rejection money
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Roud #6852
Sheila Stewart, "The Moving-On ong" (on SCStewartsBlair01)
NOTES [48 words]: Although this is obviously a modern composed song, I was surprised to find what amount to two "field collections" -- by Sheila Stewart and Johnny Connors. Does that make it traditional? It would seem to imply at the very least that it touched a nerve. I am, very hesitantly, indexing it. - RBW
File: RcMovOn

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