Move, Daniel

DESCRIPTION: Directions to Daniel: "Move, Daniel," "Go the other way, Daniel" -- including obfuscation -- "Sinner in my way" and "Do the eagle wing"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1959 (Proctor recording)
KEYWORDS: warning trick nonballad
Roud #21455
Lawrence McKiver and the McIntosh County Shouters, "Move, Daniel" (on McIntosh1)
Willis Proctor, "Daniel" (on LomaxCD1712, recorded 1959))

NOTES [59 words]: Art Rosenbaum's liner notes to McIntosh1, quoting the lead singer, Lawrence McKiver: Daniel is on a mission for the other slaves. They warn him when the "ol' boss was comin' down... So ol' boss thought that they was singin' a party song, but they was tellin' Daniel how to get out the way, so that ol' boss wouldn't put that whiplash on him..." (p. 6). - BS
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File: RcMovDan

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