Man Was Burning, The

DESCRIPTION: A man had been gambling. "The man was burning on the log... that man was burning for blaspheming the name of God." People get a saw in order to free him from the log but "as the sawdust fell It commenced a-dripping blood"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1936 (VaWork)
KEYWORDS: sin death gambling cards fire religious
Joe Lee, "The Man Was Burning" (on VaWork)
NOTES [55 words]: Glenn Hinson, liner notes to VaWork, pp. 18-19: "Apparently the gambler lost his final hand, cursed the Lord, and immediately was engulfed in fire.... sat on a nearby log where he was struck immobile.... When they tried cutting the log to free the man, it began dripping blood, forcing them to leave the blasphemer there to die." - BS
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