Mother's Love Is a Blessing, A

DESCRIPTION: An Irish boy about to cross the Atlantic says farewell to his mother. He will teach his children that a mother's love is a blessing. Love her when she's old and grey. "You'll never miss a mother's love till she's buried beneath the clay"
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: age emigration farewell home parting separation travel Ireland children mother
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf)
Roud #4914
The McNulty Family, "A Mother's Love Is a Blessing" (on IRMcNulty-Night1)
Mary Powers, "A Mother's Love Is a Blessing" (on MUNFLA/Leach)

NOTES [78 words]: The description follows the McNultys' recording. The Mary Powers recording has the same tune but no story. While the McNultys say "keep her while she's living," Powers concentrates on avoiding maltreatment: "do not treat her with scorn" and "do not speak hasty to her." On the other hand only Powers says that your mother "will help you through" when you are in trouble "and don't know what to do." Both agree that you'll never miss her until she's "beneath the clay." - BS
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File: RcMLisaB

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