Joking Henry

DESCRIPTION: Joke and Henry are asleep on the railroad track when Joke gets hit by a brickbat. Joke says he'll henceforth sleep with a pistol, and with one eye open, and threatens the man who hit him; he thinks he may have seen the perpetrator going over a fence
AUTHOR: Credited to G. B. Grayson
EARLIEST DATE: 1928 (recording, Grayson & Whitter)
KEYWORDS: violence
[G. B.] Grayson & [Henry] Whitter, "Joking Henry" (Victor V40038, 1929; rec. 1928)
cf. "If I Lose, I Don't Care" (tune)
cf. "Battleship of Maine" (tune)
cf. "White House Blues (II)" (tune)
cf. "The Cannonball" (tune)
NOTES: About as minimal a plot as you can get, but here it is. Clearly the record people misheard the title; it should be, "Joke and Henry". - PJS
Just speculation, but -- could "Joke" be Grayson, the alleged composer, and Henry be Henry Whitter, his accompanist? - RBW
File: RcJokHen

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