Mr. Postman Die

DESCRIPTION: Children's game song in three sections about a postman, about a pussy giving directions, and an unrelated conclusion.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1964 (BeenStorm1)
LONG DESCRIPTION: The first section is call and response about the postman. For example, leader "Mister Postman die," response "How he die," "He die like-a this," "He die like-a this." Then the leader says "Where he livin'," and everyone does the remaining lines about where the postman lives and what he wears. All continue in the second section where "pussy" gives directions such as "touch the ground" and "turn around." Finally all speed through "Now I went to college, and now I went to school, and now I went to booglie booglie boo." The game gets faster as it goes.
KEYWORDS: nonballad playparty animal
Mabel Hillery, Janie Hunter and her grandchildren, "Mr. Postman Died" (on JohnsIsland1)
Janie Hunter's children, "Mr. Postman Die" (on BeenStorm1)

File: RcJHMrPD

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